Beet Juice Health Benefits

beet juice health benefitsWhat are the beet juice heath benefits? Many people are familiar with the red beet root, but did you know this superfood vegetable contains some pretty potent nutritional components you might not know about? Beet root is considered a “superfood veggie” that has beneficial nutrients that may help lower your blood pressure, fight against cancer, increase  your athletic performance, helps to detoxify your bloodstreams, boost your stamina, improve cardiovascular health and reduce inflammation in your body.

Belonging to the same family as chard and spinach, beetroot contains vitamins (C and B6), minerals (potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, manganese, betaine and folate), antioxidants (betanin and vulgaxanthin), fiber and dietary nitrate.

Beetroots are also one of the highest sources of glutamine, an amino acid, essential to the health improvement and maintenance of the intestinal tract.

Although, there are significant nutritional value of eating raw and cooked beets,  it’s actually the raw pressed beet juice (the extracted juiced liquid) that produces the highest amount of health enhancing benefits. When vegetables are juiced they are actually 10x more potent nutrient because of their nutritive compounds, which are highly concentrated. Therefore, this bright red juice contains substantial amount of anti-oxidants, naturally occurring nitrates, betaine and iron.

“From the middle ages, beet root was used as treatment for a variety of health conditions, especially illnesses relating to digestion and the blood.”

Here are the Beet Juice Health Benefits:

 ✓ Beet Juice Helps Lower Down Your High Blood Pressure

According to a study by the American Heart Association  found that: “drinking a cup of beet root juice daily may help lower blood pressure.” Participants who drank a cup of  beetroot juice daily experienced an average 10 mm Hg decreased in systolic blood pressure levels in a matter of hours.

It has been noted that cardiovascular disease and strokes are the leading cause of deaths and it affects more than 77 million adults in the US alone. The benefits of drinking beet juice and its dietary nitrate or nitric oxide (NO) content could possibly reduce the number of deaths worldwide

 ✓ Beetroot is Naturally High in Nitrates or Nitric Oxide (NO) Content

Beets are naturally high in nitric oxide approximately about 280 mg of nitrates per cup of beet juice. The phyto-nitrates in beetroot juice when consumed are one of the known beet juice health benefits that plays a major role in reducing and  improving blood flow through your circulatory system.

According to “Functional Biochemistry in Health and Disease,” have found that when nitric oxide is highest in the bloodstream, blood pressure is at its lowest after consuming nitrate-rich vegetables such as rhubarb, arugula, lettuce, and beets. Nitric oxide also shows anti-platelet properties, which helps to prevent blood clotting.

The nitric oxide in beet juice health benefits is the undisputed molecule known to men’s health, right after the testosterone hormone.

Therefore, increasing nitric oxide levels in your body is extremely beneficial in reducing hypertension and other cardiovascular related conditions. When your blood flow improves all over your body, your nitric oxide levels increases. In other words, that’s pretty much everything in your body will operate more easily, including your testosterone production.

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 ✓ Beetroot Helps Boost Your Stamina

Drinking beetroot juice can help boost your stamina and athletic performance and endurance, a UK study suggests.

Consuming beetroot juice prior to exercise regimen could actually help people exercise by up to 16% more, according to a study conducted by the University of Exeter and published in the Journal of Applied Physiology in 2010. The team found nitrate contained in the vegetable has an energizing effect on the body that may leads to a reduction in oxygen uptake – relieving the amounts of fatigue.

They looked at eight trained cyclists men  aged 19-38,  who consumed either 500 mL per day of organic beetroot juice or placebo for six consecutive days before completing a series of tests, involving cycling on an exercise bike. On the last three days, the men’s metabolic performance was tested as they underwent both low-intensity and high-intensity step exercises.

After drinking beetroot juice the group was able to cycle for an average of 11.25 minutes – 92 seconds longer than when they were given the placebo.

 ✓ Beetroot Helps Slowing the Progression of Dementia

Another beet juice health benefits is to improve oxygenation flow to the brain, which can potentially combat the progression of dementia and Alzheimers disease in older adults, according to  scientific study by Wake Forest University. Researcher Daniel Kim-Shapiro, director of Wake Forest’s Translational Science Centre, stated that:

“There are areas in the brain that become poorly perfused as you age, and that’s believed to be associated with dementia and poor cognition,”

Therefore, consuming beetroot juice as part of a high nitrate diet can prevent the cognitive decline that is so prevalent in the aging population.

 ✓ Beetroot Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

The fiber in beetroot helps lower down glucose levels in the blood while satiating your sugar craving,  which makes it a good superfood for those with type-2 diabetes. Naturally, beets contain a high level of alpha-lipoic acid, one of the many antioxidants that are believed to help prevent your cells from damage caused by aging.

Studies have found on alpha-lipoic acid that drinking beet juice helps in healing nerve damage that causes pain and numbness in the hands and feet (peripheral neuropathy) of people with diabetes.

 Drinking Beet Juice Protects you from Cancer

Did you know that one of the beet juice health benefits include fighting cancer? Yes! The betacyanin content in beetroot, which is a type of betalain antioxidant known to protect against and destroy cancerous growth in colon and breast.

A Hungarian doctor named  Dr. Ferenczi, discovered in the early 1930’s that a quart of juice a day as therapy for his cancer patients, efficiently eradicated cancerous tumours and at the same time it dissolved the kidney stones in the bladder.

According to a study done at the Howard University, Washington DC, it was found that betacyanin helped slow the growth of tumours by 12.5 percent in patients with breast and prostate cancer.

Another study done by a Russian longevity scholar, Dr. Mikhail Tomback, concluded that the beet juice health benefits do indeed seem to prevent diseases of the digestive system specifically in the large intestine or in the colon.  He also accidentally found in his studies that drinking beetroot juice helped to break up calcified stones in the bladder and kidney.

 Purifies Blood and Detoxifies Liver

Beetroot is not just rich in antioxidants but also contains a lot of detoxifying agents like betaine, glutathione and pectin to help your liver dump damaging toxins and stimulate healthy liver cells. The betalains in beetroot, pigments that are anti-inflammatory in nature and aid the purification process of your blood.

 Fights Against Chronic Inflammation

The betaines in beets have been shown to reduce chronic inflammation, as well as aids in the transmission of nerve impulses, assists in the absorption of fat. Regular drinking of beet juice may be beneficial in the prevention and cure of inflammations including skin inflammation like acne and eczema. The juice also helps to eliminate skin blemishes and promotes healthy complexion and hair growth.

 Reverses Chronic Disease

The natural oxalic acid  compound present in beet juice is known to be a great solvent of inorganic calcium deposits in the body. According to renowned raw food lecturer David Wolfe concluded that inorganic calcium deposits is the main root of many chronic diseases.

This explains why benefits of drinking beet juice  effectively relieves diseases related to calcification such as:

  • anemia
  • arteriosclerosis
  • arthritis
  • cancer
  • heart disease
  • hypertension
  • gallbladder stones
  • kidney stones
  • type 2 diabetes
  • varicose veins

 Increases Glutathione Level 

Another beet juice health benefits is the fact that it has been found to increase the body’s production of glutathione. Glutathione is known as the body’s master molecule that binds with toxins and free radicals that enter the bloodstream and eliminates them through bowel movement.

Without adequate levels of glutathione in your body many harmful toxins will however remain inside your body system and possibly cause health problems. So drinking a glass of beetroot juice a day is highly recommended.

 Promotes Good Eyesight

Beet greens and stalks are considered an excellent source of two carotenoids: lutein and zeaxanthin, which help to improve your vision naturally.

 Improves Sexual Health & Stamina

Beets also known as ‘natural Viagra’ because it contains natural nitric oxides. It makes sense that anything that helps increase blood flow and nitric oxide is going to benefit the erectile tissue to the penis region. Another factor is that beetroot contains a considerable amount of boron, a chemical compound that is important for the production of the human sex hormone in both genders.





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