How MSG Poisons Your Body Gradually

MSG poisons your bodyHave you ever wondered what is making you fat even without telling you? You keep evaluating and analysing the tiniest details in your diet and yet, you come to no conclusion. We all know that processed and junk food contribute majorly to building of body fat that over the time keeps accumulating. Monosodium Glutamate or MSG, as it is commonly known as, has been identified as one of the primary reasons that is making people fat.

MSG, although known to be a key ingredient of Chinese cuisine, is found as a hidden ingredient in thousands of junk or processed food that we consume at an alarming rate these days. Be it a pan pizza at Pizza Hut, a burger at McDonald’s or Mexican wrap at Taco Bell, MSG is there. Even the restaurants, daily grocery and the baby food might contain some. MSG is basically used as a taste enhancer in the food. The processed food manufacturers consider using MSG in their food to enhance the taste and attract more people, thus fulfilling their aim of earning profits.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to consider usage of MSG in food as a safe measure despite the amount of research that has indicated its harmful effect in last decade.

The health hazards that are caused by exposure to  MSG included in the food are:

  • brain damages
  • behavioural disorders
  • neuro-degenerative disorders
  • endocrinal diseases such as obesity
  • reproductive disorders and adverse or extreme reactions

Consuming MSG can also lead to:

  • retinal degeneration
  • seizure headaches and migraines
  • cardiac irregularities
  • bowel problems,
  • asthma
  • cancer

One of the biggest health concerns that is touted as an upcoming threat across the globe is childhood obesity. Obesity in children is gradually taking up the shape of an epidemic which the healthcare experts are also terming as metabolic syndrome in some cases. Both children and adults are known to crave for food that have taste enhancers or MSG added to them. Not only the junk food but infant formula as well as baby food are found to have MSG in them, either in its original or other hidden forms claiming that the food contains “No MSG”.

As a result of consumption of Monosodium Glutamate, they tend to stay back in the blood levels higher than usual and make humans more exposed to toxic food containing glutamate. Children, as they grow after being exposed to MSG in the early years of their lives, they become prone to obesity which is difficult to get rid of. Such kids prefer eating sugary and carbohydrate based food more than the healthier fibre based options. The steady rise in the rate of youth and adult obesity in the past 40 years is a valid proof of the same. These people have been known to develop Type 2 Diabetes, cholesterol problems, hypertension or high blood pressure leading to heart ailments at an early stage of life.

Here are the 30 names of MSG that poisons your body gradually:

30 names of MSG

MSG has, over time, become a hidden danger, to our lives causing gradual poisoning to our bodies. While it may be difficult to get the hidden component out of the food, the easier way will be to adopt healthier eating habits.


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