Do You Have Type 3 Diabetes?

Do you have type 3 diabetesYou’ve certainly heard of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetesBut what about type 3 diabetes? Recent research suggests that another disease is becoming a problem — a disease that can accurately be called “Type 3 diabetes”. And it’s perhaps even scarier than its cousin, Type 2 diabetes.


Like Type 2 diabetes, type 3 is all about insulin. It comes from resistance to insulin in the cells. So what’s different between the two? The answer is simple: it’s the fact that it primarily affects the brain.


Another interesting tidbit about Type 3 diabetes is the fact that hyperglycemia is not involved (as it is with Type 1 and 2 diabetes). Hyperglycemia, an increase of blood sugar, does not need to be present to have the resulting effect on the brain.


Alzheimer’s disease and Type 3 diabetes are considered one in the same because Type 3 diabetes places deposits of protein in the brain tissue. Of course, further research will be done, but according to several studies in recent years, “Type 3 diabetes” is an accurate name for Alzheimer’s.

The brain and insulin

So you may be thinking, ‘What really goes on with Type 3 diabetes?’ and ‘How does it affect people with Type 2?’. The scary fact is, studies have shown that individuals with insulin resistance, and especially people who already have Type 2 diabetes, are at a much higher risk of developing Type 3 diabetes.


The increased chance is from 50% to as much as 65% higher than for people without diabetes.
This also means that Type 3 diabetes is diet induced. More and more evidence is starting to show that the way we eat has a lasting effect on our brain function. It also shows direct ties to the development of Type 3 diabetes or Alzheimer’s.


These findings are scary because, in the United States, nearly a third of the population has either diabetes or pre-diabetes. Clearly, this diabetes is a condition that needs serious consideration! We must do whatever possible to cure the symptoms of diabetes or prevent them in the first place.

Preventing Type 3 diabetes

Essentially, from what we know about the disease, Type 3 diabetes can be prevented the same way you prevent the development of Type 2 diabetes. Even more, if you can prevent one from happening, the chances of getting the other are significantly lower.


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