Don’t Let Bad Breath Ruin Your Precious Moments

bad breath~embarrassingsolutions.comOral hygiene, many  times, is not considered as significant as washing hands after eating the food. Some of us may just drink a glass of water considering it to be an easy method of cleaning the mouth, while some think brushing the teeth once a day is enough for the mouth to maintain hygiene.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to health problems such as bad breath, gum problems (periodontal), tooth decay, infection in the tongue, or even oral cancer. Out of these, bad breath is the most common one and can lead a person to face the most embarrassing situations that can harm the person’s mental health as well.

What causes bad breath?

The most obvious cause of bad breath is poor and improper oral hygiene. Due to the continuous building up of bacteria on the teeth, gums, and the tongue, there is formation of plaque that may lead to gum disorders and gradual decaying of tooth. This bacteria when gets combined with saliva while braking down the food particles tends to release a foul smelling gas causing bad breath. Teeth, if not brushed and flossed regularly, can end up trapping food in between them and will be broken down by the bacteria and leading to bad breath.

Food with strong flavours such as different types of spices, garlic and onion can lead to causing bad breath. Drinks with strong odour like alcohol and caffeine are known to cause bad breath.

Smoking is another major reason that makes the breath smell bad, teeth getting stained, irritation of the gums, etc. Smoking can lead to gum disorders which in turn causes bad breath.

According to the experts, bad breath can happen due to crash dieting or fasting that leads to production of ketones (a type of chemical) as well as due to intake of medications containing nitrates, tranquilisers, etc.

Medical conditions such as dry mouth (due to lack of saliva), gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) caused due to bacterial infection of the lining of the stomach and the small intestine, diabetes, bronchitis, bronchiectasis and sinusitis can cause bad breath as well.

How can you get rid of bad breath?

Following a few simple tips can save you from getting embarrassed due to bad breath.

  • Brush at least twice a day, scrape your tongue and floss to remove the food particles from the mouth that may be stuck in between the teeth
  • Drink more water and keep yourself hydrated as much as possible
  • Use a zinc based mouthwash to eliminate the chances of formation of germs and bacteria in the mouth
  • Drink herbal tea that helps in purification of blood and intoxication of the body system
  • Increase your intake of probiotic supplements
  • Eat more fibre based fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Use peppermint drops on the tongue to keep away bad breath
  • Drink lemon water to get rid of chronic bad breath
  • Eat these super foods to get rid of your bad breath totally

Bad breath is a problem that has become too common and has not been addressed with care. Bad breath may result from multiple reasons and can lead to various uncalled for problems. Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine can make a person feel fresh, keep away disorders and lead a healthy and clean life.

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