13 Foods That Cause Bad Breath

Foods That Cause Bad BreathBad breath is an embarrassing body problems as well as a serious social disadvantage. It is important for a young individual to know how to avoid getting bad breath.   While foul breath may be caused by many factors like poor oral hygiene (which may lead to gum disease), upset stomach, etc., there are some foods which can give you a foul smell in your mouth.

Here is a list of food items which can cause this bad breath (halitosis). However, a word of caution is in order. Effect of these foods will be mitigated if you make sure to clean your teeth, or at least, rinse your mouth thoroughly soon after taking these foods.


1. Garlic

Garlic probably tops the list of food items commonly used which cause bad breath. It not only causes instant bad breath its effect lasts for a good time. Sulfur contained in garlic leaves its effect on your tongue. When you eat garlic, it absorbs allyl methyl sulfide into your lungs  through the bloodstream and starts a follow up wave of bad breath through exhaling. Excessive garlic, particularly if taken raw, can even smell through your pores.


2. Onions

Like garlic this list of foods cause bad breath too. Onions are nearly as bad as garlic, and for similar reasons.  Onions contain the amino acid called “acid allin“- the chemical responsible for the vegetable’s eye-watering effects when cut. And also this chemical will turn your breath into a rotten-fruit.

This does not mean you give up garlic and onions. They have their benefits. Only avoid excess, and get rid of their remnant in the mouth faster.


3. Milk

You will be surprised to see milk in the list of foods that cause bad breath.  Indeed you are encouraged to drink milk. Milk has amino acids which can be used by bacteria naturally present in your mouth to produce foul smell. So do drink milk, but clean your mouth soon after.


4. Cheese

Just like milk, cheese is good for you, but also has amino acids that cause bad breath.


5. Sardines and Pilchards

Your English teacher will be very aware of the saying: “A tin of sardines smells to high Heavens”. Obviously, if you eat sardines (some people call them smaller pilchards) you should expect to smell all over.


6. Canned Tuna & Seafood

Canned tuna is particularly smelly and if you eat it you will get foul breath. While canned sea food tends to become smelly fast as it oxidizes, particularly, if canned in metallic tins.


7. Horseradish

Radishes in general and horse radish in particular, are vegetables which are not smelly in themselves but can cause severe and persistent foul smell in the mouth due to chemical actions.

8. Coffee

Coffee is a popular drink. But it can cause dryness in the mouth which may in some cases promote bad breath.

9. Alcohol

All forms of alcohol should be avoided, because in addition to their intoxicating effect, they cause bad breath.


10.  Surströmming

It is a dish from North Sweden. Actually, it is fermented herring which is canned and has been stored for a year.  The cans may burst with pressure of gas due to fermentation.


11. Kimchi

Kimchi, or kimchee, is a dish of Korean origin. It is made from fermented vegetables. Never go near a place where it is being cooked.

12. Stinky Tofu

It is a specialty dish in China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.  Fresh tofu is mixed with brine made from fermented milk, meat, and other ingredients.


13. Tobacco Powder

Tobacco powder is not exactly a food but can become an ingredient in certain eatables. Chewing of tobacco powder, called Naswar in Afghanistan and North-West Pakistan, is as much a favourite as chewing gums in USA and Europe. It produces an unpleasant odour in the mouth and may be the whole body.


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