How To Tell If You Have (Dragon) Bad Breath

Bad breath! Awww! The best smile in the world won’t do any good if people could smell your breath from five-feet away anytime you yawn. If you start talking to someone and you have bad breath, to them it can be feel like this…

(dragon) bad breath

Dragon firing breath. Photo credit: deviantart

The point is you don’t want dragon breath a.k.a “bad breath“!

So what’s the best way to know if you do have dragon breath or having bad breath?

Some people say, you put your hand in front of your mouth and blow, see if you could smell the breath that comes out. But that’s not actually a good indicator of what your breath really smells like because in many cases you ended up smelling your hand instead.

Here’s the best way to tell if you really indeed have a bad breath. 

Take a clean spoon and put it in the back of your tongue and scrape below it. Then take the spoon out and give it a second to dry it for a bit. If the spoon stinks, so does your breath. BINGO! You have a bad breath, duh!

I know this test is a little bit gross, but trust me it’s the best way to know if you have bad breath or not.

What can you do to improve or get rid of bad breath?

1. Tongue Scraper

Aside from brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, I highly recommend getting a tongue scraper.

Never get a scraper that has a little points on it, but instead you want to get one like this…

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This kind of tongue scraper is a metal scrape connected by two handles and the metal scrapes your entire tongue. This works way much better than other tongue scraper because it helps scrape the bacteria off the entire surface of your tongue. For less than 10 bucks, this is the best one you can do to improve breath dramatically.

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2. Get a mouth wash that doesn’t dry you up!

Mouth wash is your friend here…I highly recommend the mouthwash by TheraBreath. It’s a little bit expensive than regular mouth wash, but it my own experience it does an awesome job.

So far it’s the only mouthwash I know that actually formulated scientifically to improved your breath by killing the bad bacteria that can cause sulfur type of smell in your mouth. The good thing about TheraBreath mouth was is that, it has no alcohol content. So it won’t dry your mouth. It just works by oxygenating your mouth, which kills the smelly anaerobic sulphur producing bacteria of the mouth.

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3. Carry a mint gum in you pocket

Mint strip or gum mint in your pocket or purse (for a quick fix solution) is a good option if you have an emergency date and have eaten something like fish, onion or garlic. Keep in mind though this is not a long term solution.

You can get this mint gum from TheraBreath.

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This works like a TheraBreath mouth wash.

Again it’s a little bit quite expensive than regular mint gum you find in a regular store.

4. Quit Smoking

The last thing I want to say about having a fresh breath and overall oral hygiene is to QUIT SMOKING! I know it’s hard to go cold turkey without conditioning your mind. Smoking really contributes the cause of your bad breath.

Aside from giving you smelly breath, smoking causes yellowing stains in your teeth, which can be difficult to get rid of.






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