Natural Ways To Whitened Your Teeth at Home

before and after teeth whiteningBeing ready to always give a great smile is the simplest, cheapest and quickest way to look and feel gorgeous. It also makes you a people magnet, since you’re approachable and friendly. Unfortunately, if you have stained teeth, even the idea of smiling can be horrific. Can you imagine the embarrassment if everyone ends up laughing really hard because you’re pearly whites is no longer white?

While some people have naturally yellow-coloured teeth, others cause stain to develop over time. This can be due to a variety of things, including the foods you eat. Frequently drinking coffee, tea, wine and soda can lead to discolouration over time. The same thing is true if you are fond of eating chocolates, apples and potatoes, which are always a part of your diet. Like most things, moderation is the key.

Smoking can also lead to teeth stains and a host of other health problems, lung cancer being the most critical. So, if you’re hooked with this habit, you might want to quit sooner than later. Do you chew tobacco as well? An even worse habit you should break.

But the worst case of all is poor dental hygiene. Shame on you if brushing and flossing isn’t part of your daily routine. How could you even go out of the house with your mouth reeking with what you ate last night? I bet anyone can tell you had pizza or Chinese takeout every time you speak. Oh wait, your mouth is going to smell like garbage if left uncleaned overnight, so it really doesn’t matter. With your breath smelling like this, you’re going to alienate a lot of people.

While being acquainted with a brush and dental floss can take care of the stinky breath and mouth bacteria, it won’t make the discolouration go away. What you need to do is to whiten your teeth naturally at the comfort of your home without spending huge amount of money. But opt for the natural methods, such as the following: 


1. Use Baking Soda and Lemon or Water

Probably this is the easiest method to remove the discolouration of your teeth.  All you need to do is to mix some teaspoon of baking soda and squeezed fresh lemon juice or a few drops of water to make a paste. Gently brush your teeth as usual with enough paste and leave the mixture on your teeth for several minutes before you rinse.


2. Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

Another teeth whitening method is with the use of hydrogen peroxide. Just mix a few drops of hydrogen peroxide onto a  small amount of baking soda to make a paste and brush your teeth as usual. Hydrogen peroxide is not only known for its  anti-bacterial agent which works to keep your mouth free from bacteria, but also a good agent for whitening.

3. Use oil 

In this oil pulling method, you can choose sesame, coconut, olive or sunflower oil. Move a tablespoon of oil around your mouth and through your teeth for 20 minutes. Spit the oil out and rinse your mouth.


What’s great about natural teeth whitening solutions is that all you need are available around the house. This means you don’t have an excuse not to have pearly whites that look like they’ve been professionally and expensively bleached.

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